Presidential Spokesperson Kim Eui-kyeom Briefs Media on Welcoming the President on His Way to Inter-Korean Summit

Presidential Spokesperson Kim Eui-kyeom Briefs Media on Welcoming the President on His Way to Inter-Korean Summit Source : Cheong Wa Dae Posted By: Editor Inter-Korean Summit Press Corps | 2018-04-27 10:31 (KST) From 8:00 to 8:10 this morning, Cheong Wa Dae staff members saw President Moon Jae-in off when he was leaving for Panmunjeom … Read more

Supreme Court Website Hacked

ThePressRelease.Org New Team Supreme Court Website Hacked. Hack seems to be work of some Brazilian hacker group who defaced the website of Supreme court of India. at time of reporting website was showing the message of under maintenance. hack comes at the time when supreme court delivered the judgement of death probe demand on justice … Read more

Mumm 6 Champagne – Product Launch

Pernod Ricard has released a new cuvée under its GH Mumm Champagne brand. Mumm 6 is named after the number of years the Champagne has spent on the lees. The company said the launch marks a “modern reinterpretation of the ageing process”. “The wine is clearly labelled to show the number of years spent on the … Read more

Kisan Market-Online Agricultural trade in India | Agricultural Equipment launched successfully on 11-01-2016 at Bangalore, India Kisanmarket is the portal where farmers/consumers can sell/buy their farm produce and other related products. Farmers’ don’t know how to approach whole sellers / Retail Chains or the end consumers. Hence we decided to connect them all through In this portal a farmer is identified / … Read more

Shanghai Metal Corporation Introduces Several Cutting-Edge Building Materials

02, October 2017: For quick, affordable, durable and functionally beneficial constructions, Shanghai Metal Corporation has a variety of building materials in their portfolio, including wall systems, floor systems, steel structures, scaffolding systems, roofing systems and so on. These systems are quick and easy to install to help erect different structures for a variety of practical … Read more

Ping – A Social Network That Keeps You Safe

28, July 2017: How often has an incident occurred that ties up traffic or even shuts down a location? Being alerted to the problem while out and about can save valuable time and potentially ensure one’s physical safety. That’s the idea behind “Ping” (, which is a tool for solving two problems: staying alerted to … Read more

E-Top (Hk) Technology Limited Supplies Innovative Designs of Led Lights.

06, July 2017: LED lights have witnessed a rise in demand in recent times. They are eco-friendly and at the same time they tend to be durable too. These lights can be used in residential places as well as commercial areas. Only a professional manufacturer can produce good quality LED lights that meet standardized requirements. … Read more