Lingo Impex Releases Wide Range of Li-Ion Battery Packs In India

21, June 2017: There used to be a time when Nickel-Cadmium batteries used to rule the roost when it came to powering portable equipment and devices like laptops and mobiles phones. For a long time, NiCad battery packs were the only suitable option for operating a range of equipment. However, with the emergence of lithium … Read more

Rugstore Ne Launches New Collection of Designer Rugs

United Kingdom; 16, June 2017: Rugstore NE, a UK-based full-service leading online rug specialty platform that provides site visitors with a plethora of rug shopping options, deals, and discounts, this week excitedly announced they have launched a comprehensive new collection of high quality designer rugs for purchase this summer. To showcase the world’s leading prestigious … Read more

San Antonio Car Key Pro’s Announces Infant in Hot Vehicle Awareness Campaign

15, June 2017: San Antonio Car Key Pro’s has formally announced their awareness campaign to help prevent infant deaths who have been forgotten about in vehicles by offering a free arm band to all customers who hire their automotive locksmith services. Due to the continuous increase in casualties of infants who fall victim to heat … Read more

Cheers Electronic Technical Co. Ltd Presents Advanced Wiring Harness Equipments

China; 24, May 2017: Wire cutters and crimping machines play a crucial role across different industries. These machines come equipped with advanced systems and are made using the latest technologies. Cheers Electronic Technical Co., Ltd that was established in the year 2008 is a Chinese manufacturer of a wide range of wiring harness equipments. The … Read more

Global Manager Group completed ISO 9001:2015 Certification Audit at Deedy Chemicals

Deedy Chemicals Pvt Ltd, supplier and manufacturer of pharmaceutical chemicals has successfully completed ISO 9001:2015 certification audit with the help of Global Manager Group. The audit has been taken by lead auditors of UKAS accredited certifying body, as per requirement of ISO 9001:2015 standards and recommends Deedy Chemicals to upgraded Quality Management System certification. The … Read more

Inno Molding Announces Its Modernized Injection Molding and Plastic Molding Services

China; 08, May 2017: Injection molding has been the mainstays of various industrial sectors. In order to manufacture products for automotive industries or consumer electronics it is important to use modernized injection molding equipment. There are various companies that have been providing efficient molding services to different companies around the world. One of the companies … Read more

Under Armour Shoes Releases Range of Sporting Shoes in Australia

Australia; 04, May 2017: It is important to get durable sportswear that is durable enough. Whether a person is involved in basketball or football it is always important to have comfortable sports shoes. Shoes play an important role in the performance of any player in any sport. There are various brands that have been selling … Read more

Spacemore Logistics Equipments Releases Its New Range of Racking Systems

22, April 2017: All kinds of manufacturing industries require warehousing and shelving solutions. Racks and shelves tend to be a onetime investment for the industries and it is important to buy them from a professional manufacturer. There are a variety of shelves available online in different ecommerce websites. One of the companies that have been … Read more

The New Kid at the NY Auto Show is the NJIT Baja Race Car

Appearing alongside the sleek new Lincolns, Porsches, Lamborghinis and supercharged Dodge Demon at the upcoming New York International Auto Show, billed as a showcase for the latest in “cutting-edge design and extraordinary innovation,” will be an enterprising up-and-comer that is itself a marvel of engineering acumen: the NJIT Baja race car. Assembled in a garage-like … Read more