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The Next Big Blue Chip NFT

Los Angeles, CA.
November 3rd, 2021.

Business, Finance, Investing, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Non-Fungible Tokens, Metaverse

Kiss and Roy (KAR) is a unique 10K NFT Collection hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain releasing on OpenSea November 2021. 
KAR is a 10,000 piece hand-drawn generative art project that is unique in that it features two distinctly different characters sitting together in the same collection. This means twice the amount of properties are created/drawn with separate generations of assets and twice the rarities when trading. Kiss The Heart and Roy The Robot are characters in an immersive art world created by multimedia artist Max Archos ( KAR features all aspects of art, with music being “made by Roy” and merchandise being “made by Kiss”–with royalties from merch sales going to their respective NFT owners.
The collection is scheduled to have a Whitelist Pre-Sale November 11th, 2021. Join their discord information to get on their whitelist and learn more.

Kiss and Roy
An Immersive Art World with NFTs, Music, Merch and More!

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