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Atkku Services LLC announces Launch of CONSULT® Staffing Company Invoicing Automation Software

Place: Iselin, NJ 08830

Atkku Services LLC, a New Jersey based accounting automation software firm has formally announced the launch of its much awaited invoicing software solution for the staffing business.

Speaking during the launch ceremony, Sankar Veeramalai, CEO said: “the cloud-based software, named as CONSULT® offered as a SaaS is designed to cut down the invoicing time for staffing companies by as much as two-third as compared to manual processing methods”.

“Our quest to offer an automated invoicing solution for the staffing companies arose as result of the various pitfalls that they face in the wake of complex input requirements that are inherent to invoicing,” he added.

Staffing companies are an essential part of the US work scenario in which IT software businesses cannot afford to delay conscripting the right technical resources for time bound-projects that need highly specialized skills that are difficult to find. Roughly 170K plus staffing companies operating in the US make good the void with extensive talents that they have access to from all over the world.

It is well known that one of the major operational difficulties faced by staffing companies is related to invoicing and how the current manually billing process delays the submission of bills to clients and getting paid on time. According to the makers of the software, it has the potential not only to cut down on time spend but also on accuracy. It is guaranteed to be 100% accurate and save accountant-time extensively.

The software is made especially for operating on the QuickBooks Online accounting software making it one of the few top enhancements that is highly sought after by companies that have complex invoice input requirements, such as: contract compliance, timesheet incorporation, automated digital dispatch of invoices and multi-state taxation information.

Company officials say that their software is the most cost-effective solution for staffing companies that tend to miss out on sending bills on time and consequently face poor cash flow. According to them, the company also offers a free version of the software.

About Atkku:

Atkku Services LLC is a leading automatic invoicing-software solution provider for the staffing business in the US having its office in Iselin, NJ. CONSULT® makes complex billing/invoicing processes simpler for accountants and invoice preparers. The software captures all the input data directly from QuickBooks directly on real –time basis so that there is never a redundancy to be corrected.


Atkku Services LLC

200 Middlesex Essex Tpke, Suite 203A

Iselin, NJ 08830

(800) 407 5850 (Toll Free)

(732) 734 5736 (Direct)

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