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Instagram verification and Twitter verification service

Instagram verification and Twitter verification service

You are a celebrity or politician or social activist, making a reputable online presence is very important in current time and identity theft is really easy and real in the online world.

While the A-listers have the opportunity to get their Instagram or Twitter account verification done by these companies itself. many are not lucky enough to get a verified badge on their profile without making some serious effort. the main factor is definitely the use of your real name and a great amount of follower, another important factor is mention about you in the news and press release portal.

this is where wire services and press release websites such as our or are useful.

Twitter's verification program was a mess from the start - The Verge
Twitter verification

when you apply for the verification for your brand or your name, an staff of Instagram or twitter look up at your profile to establish a genuine profile, after that a simple google search about you is the next logical step.

You can now apply to get a verified badge on Instagram — here's how |  TechCrunch
Instagram verification

if they found you are mentioned only from your Instagram or Twitter account and no other source is mentioning you. this will cause a roadblock for your Instagram account verification or twitter account verification.

but once your profile or news about you discussed and shared using a press release and wire services this makes the task easier for you to get your account verified.

wikipedia page creation also depends on the same factor as without any third party news socurce carrying any relaibel news about you or your brand is not considered mention worthy on wikipedia also.

boost your branding effort with a perfect written press release and start gaining the trust of Internet users

checkout our pricing section for personal promotion which you may use to populate news about your twitter and Instagram verification

comment here about what you think and we are always here to help.

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