Publisher dashboard now available for all users

Registration open for PR Agencies and Freelancers

We are growing fast and now with upgraded server infrastructure. we are now opening registration for all PR agencies and freelancers to create free account(Earlier it was invite based).What does this mean?

1- you will be having your own author dashboard, where you will be able to see how many posts you have submitted, how many post are approved and pending.

2-Author dashboard will help you to understand our editorial policies regarding approval so that you will be able to create content which passes our editorial standard.

3- Showcase your employers/client about your actual work done and rate of success at our portal.

4- You will have your own author bio, use it on your social media profile.

How to get your agency registered

Registration are enabled manually and once registered, one of our administrator or editor will look into your profile and will enable your agency or freelancer account. this may take upto 48 hours.

Below are the screenshots of what your publisher dashboard may look like, we are still under development so some options may not be available to all.

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