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Use of Press release as political propaganda

From Desk of Editor

lately we are observing an influx of press releases, which looks like a general information news, but if read carefully is clear propaganda to malign some political or social personality, while we are not to judge if someone is bad or good, as an practice of non partisan policy which is being followed by almost all social media/media publishing group we are also following the same.

although there are networks, which have tie up with us to publish their as media cooperation, and you may see one or two post appearing on our site, but we at takes great care of what is being published and if any political propaganda is published at our site, we are and we will be removing the content in no time.

still we support the peoples freedom, and if you believe if some leader is violating the basic human right standard, always include the coverage about from a reliable source and we will be happy to publish the true story.

but a big NO to plain propaganda.

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