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GroupApp Annouces Beta Program

Walnut, CA: GroupApp today announced the launch of GroupApp’s beta program. GroupApp is an all-in-one community platform for businesses and creators who are looking to build an online community for their customers or audience. They have been called the Slack for online community software.

Features and benefits of the GroupApp:

Create an online community on GroupApp in minutes, invite your audience, start discussions, ask questions, share content, and let customers connect with each other.

Set up monthly or yearly membership subscriptions. Decide what part of your community is free and paid.

Publish help articles, content pieces to your community knowledge base and create easy to follow courses for your community members.

Integrate your community with the most used third-party tools and software. Automate marketing campaigns, lead flow, and track ROI.

GroupApp gives you complete ownership and control over your community, member’s data, and how you communicate with them. No ads or news feed algorithms to get in the way.

About GroupApp:

GroupApp is a software company that’s focused on helping businesses and creators build, grow, and support their online community with an all-in-one community platform software.

GroupApp beta will be available starting July 27, 2020, to people who registered for beta. For more information, visit its website at

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