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Innovapptive Inc. Announces New ‘Connected Workforce Platform’ for 2019

Multinational software company, Innovapptive, Inc., based in Houston, TX, continues its delivery of groundbreaking cloud-based mobile workforce management solutions for enterprise asset management (EAM), field services, supply chain, and a rapid mobile application development platform in 2019.
Innovapptive, today, announced a key focus for 2019 as a shift to a more workforce-centric platform with their rollout of the “Connected Workforce Platform”.

The methodology behind the new platform direction is simple: mobile collaboration and workflow in one solution to move away from the siloed packaging of individual solutions. Mobility tools, together with secure identity-driven content broadcast capabilities, uniquely positions the Innovapptive platform as an integrated remote workforce performance toolkit. It augments your existing workflow, helping you capture and manage efficiency data about your field employees.

Field service and multi-location enterprise employees can improve their productivity and efficiency by having immediate and up-to-date access to customer information, product or service education materials, as well as any digital asset-related information on any device. Whether the information relates to a digital smart shelf, marketing screen, or simply a mobile handheld device, your employees can access it wherever they are.

To streamline the mobile app development process and cut costs, Innovapptive offers a ‘no-code’ platform allowing greater agility to develop business applications within a few hours. The no-code method significantly reduces development time and empowers business users to be part of the creation process using intuitive drag-and-drop features for creating their specific mobile applications.

About Innovapptive
At Innovapptive, our purpose is to help improve people’s lives with the next generation Connected Workforce Platform. Innovapptive’s platform digitally connects the entire industrial workforce, executives and back office to minimize plant outages & improve operational excellence. By engineering a platform that fuels innovation & collaboration, we are transforming the experience of the industrial worker to help uplift revenues & margins for our customers. Together, with our employees, customers and partners across the globe, we are growing economies of some of the world’s largest brands.

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