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Fantasy idle game Eternal Warfare launches on both Android&iOS

Novasmobi released a idle mobile game Eternal Warfare on both Google Play & App Store in late November 2019. Set in a fantasy world where over 100 epic heroes are fighting with enemies endlessly to save the world. Players will act as a summoner to assemble your own squad, exploring and purifying the continents.

Idle Card Gameplay & Hands-Free
With the easiest and most relaxing system, the only thing you need to do is to dispatch your heroes to the battlefields. They will fight for you automatically. Coins and Exp can be gained continuously even if you are offline. Say good bye to endless clicking!

Heroes Evolution & New Looks and Skills
As you explore the continent, the power of monsters also increases gradually. Your heroes can also get higher power from upgrading star-level to unlock new looks and powerful skills!

Various PVP Modes & Compete with Players Worldwide
In Eternal Warfare, you have chance to make friends with summoners from all over the world. Join a guild, fight together with your guild members for glory. Time to have an exciting online group battle!

About Eternal Warfare
Eternal Warfare is a mobile collectible card game. Fight with your companions in the guild and defeat enemies with easy operations.
Assemble legendary heroes of all races and start a long expedition to save the continents!

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