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Panoptic Analytics Launches ExploreBit, a Startup – Investor Discovery Platform

After successfully completing Beta phase Panoptic Analytics launched ExploreBit, and now ready to disrupt the way Startups and Investors discover and connect each other. Apart from validating all information, features like Open Deals and Real-time On-board analytics, differentiate ExploreBit from other user-sourced or immensely expensive platforms such as Crunchbase, Pitchbook, CB Insights, Angelist etc.

Founder Sourabh Asawa added to what they offer to startups and investors:
“ExploreBit uniquely positions itself with its offerings to startups and investors, being the only platform where all information is verified and NOT user-generated/sourced. Information is gathered using Machine Learning which is then validated by the research team.”

Startups: “With a Decade of experience with startups, we realised that most startup founders spend ~70% of time in fund-raising activities. In spite of having a great product, they keep knocking investors’ doors only to find out that their investment / financial goals aren’t same. With ExploreBit startups can list their funding requirement as an Open Deal, which is accessible to investors and they can contact the startups. ExploreBit also makes it dramatically easier to identify investors with similar investment goals as of funding requirements of a startup.”

Investors: “Apart from looking at funding requirements of startups in Open Deals, Investors can easily keep their Deal Flow pipeline full by shortlisting startups by Industry, Location, stage etc. and download one-pager company profile or lists in CSVs. Investors and Analysts can also use onboard real-time analytics to draw detailed customised charts without going through cumbersome process of downloading dataset and crunching numbers. API integrations to use the existing Deal Flow solutions are also being developed by ExploreBit.”

“Our plan is to take this platform to next level and create an ecosystem of startups and investors where they can easily go beyond their personal network and Explore every bit of the opportunities.”

“ExploreBit has immense potential, not only to disrupt the way startups and investors hunch for each other but to create a unique and powerful community which can turn into a social media platform exclusively for startups, tech companies and investors.”

ExploreBit is now working on enhancing its reach to startups and investors along with developing other features such as enhanced on-board analytics API Integrations, and user’s ability to connect, follow and message each other.

Phone: +1 (415) 692 5505

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