Publisher dashboard now available for all users v2.0 launching soon

Dear readers, Its over three years now since we started this portal and we have and we are excited to announce the some some additional features update at in coming days

Redesigned logo: we are now working on more better logo design to suit mobile users also, as you can see old logo are now removed, and you will not be bothered by big PR text logo on your/your clients press releases.

Image upload now on: we have now better image optimazation and server resources to allow useres to upload their own content related images,it will give you more leverage in media reach and branding

UniFonts: we have now static fonts all across board, no funny font styles.

Enhanced UX: while we will continue to use wordpress as our backend software, users will now be having ability to check unpublished press release on front add only.

so many work are being done, watch the space

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