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Google unveils new Gaming and streaming system Stadia

Google is making a move into the gaming space, with their new cloud based gaming service. Tech giant Google announced on Tuesday the new system named Stadia at the game dev conference in San Francisco. Googles new system will have inbuilt streaming capabilities enabling players to stream directly to streaming services. This new push into the gaming industry is set to hit shelves sometime in 2019.
Googles new game streaming device is set to break a barrier between playing and streaming, reducing the need for consumers to purchase expensive consoles, and pricy computers. Google’s statement regarding their new release says the device will be compatible to play on laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and televisions. Additionally the company have said that they are concentrating on the ease of the service, by enabling seamless switching of devices.
This move by Google will place them in the center of the booming gaming industry which has seen and continues to see exceptional growth. The US gaming industry on its own generated over $43 Billion USD revenue in 2018, an increase of almost 20% from 2017.
The global gaming industry is currently estimated to be valued at $134 Billion USD, and is expected to rise substantially over the next coming years, as technology advances.
The specifics of googles system are rather interesting, the company say that you will be able to watch a game trailer on YouTube, where there will be a “play now” button. This will allow a user to be able to instantly launch the game they are looking at in under 5 seconds and have them playing the game without any download necessary. This is a very unique move in the gaming industry, and one that may set a president for future cloud gaming, and effectively change the way gamers play.
Being a cloud based service, Google is incorporating their Google Assistant to give gamers a helping hand when they need it. Which again is something that will essentially give Googles system a huge advantage over other consoles. With Google already having a large cloud infrastructure in place, and having one of the largest web presences around, the foundations for a cloud based streaming and gaming service are already set, Google have commented saying how they are quite possibly the only company that is equipped and ready to handle a system of this type. Additionally Google also unveiled their new first-party game studio set to launch games with their service named “Stadia Games and entertainment.” Google have spared no expense when venturing into this new market, they have seen how much money has been made through their “play store” and want a piece of it that is why they have announced that Jade Raymond, Ubisoft founder will run the new venture.

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