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JM Automotive In San Antonio Offering Customers Full Service Oil Changes At An Affordable Price!

San Antonio (04-March-2019)

With an experience of over thirty years in the field, JM Automotive has been providing a wide range of services to its customers. These services include auto repair, air conditioning repair, transmission repair, tune up, brake maintenance & service. Along with these services they also provide differential & transfer case service, cooling system service, fuel Injector & system service, air cleaner service, power steering service, as well as full service oil changes.   

The auto service providers recommend a full-service oil change every 3,000 miles. Sometimes, the recommendation also comes from the manufacturers. When this service is neglected, it may lead to the internal engine components to get damaged. When an oil change service is executed, the technician also gets a chance to look under the hood and check for the condition of hoses and belts. If the technician’s findings suggest that the hoses or belts are bulging or cracked, it would be recommended to replace them before extensive repairs are required. Another thing that the technician can help with is to look at the underside of the car.

As the oil change is being done, a tire rotation can also be executed. Rotating tires lead to more even thread wear. This successfully avoids often replacements. According to technicians, this service also allows to optimize gas mileage, and protects wheel alignment as well.

JM Automotive realizes the need of this service to every driver. After studying the market, they found that many drivers are not able to afford a service of this kind and end up with damaged vehicles helplessly.

This made the auto repairs offer their service of full-service oil changes at an affordable price to the drivers. It seems to be an attempt to help the overall automobile scenario by making sure that no driver has to skip this imperative service due to affordability issues.

JM Automotive also claims to beat this price when it comes to any of the competitor’s pricing in the area. The drivers can avail their services by visiting them at their auto repair shop in San Antonio.     

About the company-
JM Automotive is CERTIFIED as an auto repair and service center in San Antonio owned by Juan Arias. The company has been in this business for 30 years. They specialize in BMW maintenance in San Antonio. With this amount of experience, their staff is skilled and has an expertise when it comes to dealing in automotive. To diagnose and repair any make or model vehicle is their aim as an efficient BMW mechanic in San Antonio.

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