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KALON SNEAKERS Launch Interview with the Founder & Owner Evelyn

KALÒN Sneakers Official Launch.
Australia has seen a revolution in the sneaker space in recent years, with boutique outlets on the rise and a fan base which is very loyal to a brand. Evelyn saw that there wasn’t much choice when it came to a local sneaker label that provided styles that were not stereotyped by gender, so she founded KALÒN Sneakers to fill the void. “The sneaker scene has really exploded in Australia, and being a long time sneaker head I saw the opportunity to follow my passion” says Evelyn.

KALÒN Sneakers is a fresh Melbourne based sneaker label that creates cutting edge designs for their lifestyle sneakers. “I wanted to create designs which were not locked into the old men’s and women’s styling mindset, I believe that construct is outdated” says Evelyn.

There is a different level of respect for local and boutique labels and KALÒN Sneakers is a label to watch out for, keeping it sleek and simple is their KALÒN Originals which is the first of many designs that will be coming out of the KALÒN creative team, “I wanted to get the first design just right, it’s taken just on 3 years to get to this point, dozens of samples and sleepless nights until I was completely happy with the final sneaker” says Evelyn.

The result is a sneaker which is clean, ultra modern and can be dressed up with a pair of jeans, or to lounge around in your track pants, “that’s exactly what I wanted in the sneaker, my passion is making sneakers which are stylish, functional and not stereotyped by gender’ says Evelyn. The KALÒN Originals have really hit the mark here.

The name KALÒN was chosen after a long process to find something that the founder thought represented her brand and purpose. The name KALÒN was eventually chosen as it reflects just that, ‘KALÒN – pronunciation ka-lon (n.) beauty that is more than skin-deep’. “I settled on the name right away, it felt right and had meaning behind it that resonated with me” says Evelyn.

KALÒN Sneakers launched on the 13th FEBRUARY 2019 and Pre-Sales have been great, “I honestly didn’t expect the volume of pre-sales so we must be doing something right” says Evelyn. Part of that success is KALÒN Sneakers offer free shipping Australia wide “I felt it was important that you know what you’re paying for up front, too often I’ve got to the checkout only to be hit with a shipping fee of ten or more dollars and I didn’t want KALÒN customers to have that experience” says Evelyn.

Evelyn is also a new mum, her daughter Sienna was born in December 2018, “juggling the demands of launching a business and being a new mum is busy to say the least, and my little girl has made me more determined than ever” says Evelyn.

Head to KALÒN Sneakers or find them on Instagram KALÒN Instagram and Facebook under KALON SNEAKERS and see how a young mum is pursuing her passion no matter what.

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