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8th International Conference on Neurological Disorders and Stroke

With great pleasure, AAC welcomes you to join the 8th International Conference on Neurological Disorders and Stroke to be held on March 14-16, 2019 in London, United Kingdom. Stroke 2019 congregates the eminent scientist, Neurosurgeons, researchers, academics and dynamic experts from healthcare industries around the globe in the field of neurological science.

The vital goal of Stroke 2019is to build up an efficient platform for the scientists, neurologists, research scholars, principal investigators, and industry experts to exchange their practical experiences in the field of Neuroscience and stroke. This forum will impart meeting and collaboration of the experts in neurology, physicians, researchers, and academics to endeavor new diagnosing techniques, management and prevention of stroke patients.

Stroke 2019 provides a prominent occasion for the scientist and industry experts to exhibit their breathtaking research experiments. The dissolution of ideas and results from the esteemed people in the Neurology field is extremely potential to enhance the differential diagnosis, therapeutics and preventive measures of stroke disease.

Stroke 2019 is exclusive in aggregating healthcare industries and renowned clinical scientist from neurological disorders, mental health, neuropsychiatry, neuroimaging, behavioral neurology, neurosurgery, and stroke rehabilitation & recovery. We hope this event will be an educational and motivational for upcoming researchers and young scientist forums to get interact with prominent experts in neurological disorders.

We welcome all your excellent contribution to the area of brainstorming research. We are more excited to have all your presence at the Stroke 2019 conference in London.

Best wishes,
Organizing Committee, Stroke 2019

The conference website:
Josephine Grace
Program Manager | Stroke 2019
Phone: +44 20 3769 1755
WhatsApp: +44 1944 370021

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