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Aritha Launch Liquid Soapberry Cleaning Products In The UK

An exciting and unique new eco-friendly washing detergent was launched into the market this month. Aritha is a 100% natural product made with nature’s own soap, the remarkable soapberry.

Weymouth, England, December 19, 2018 — An exciting and unique new eco-friendly washing detergent was launched into the market this month. Aritha is a 100% natural product made with nature’s own soap, the remarkable soapberry. Soapberries grow wild at the foot of the Himalayas on trees and are harvested by local farmers and village groups. The soapberries create incredible lathers and foams which, when tested in laboratory conditions against chemical-filled brands, matched or out-performed them. 

Environmentally conscious consumers have been using soapberries for years to wash skin, clothing and pets. The berries are hypoallergenic making them ideal for children and people with sensitive skin but Aritha is the first product to create a liquid detergent for ease and enhanced effectiveness. The team who created Aritha are based in Thailand and UK.

Director Audrey Coleman said “Everyone in the team has a fervent passion for using planet-friendly, chemical-free sustainable products. It amazed us to discover how little choice there is in the detergent market for a truly environmentally-conscious option. Most people do laundry at least once a week and we felt there had to be room for one product which satisfied the demand for a genuine eco alternative. We knew about soapberries and their incredible cleaning properties but it has been a total labour of love to find a sustainable way to create a liquid product using only soapberries and natural essential oils, which consumers can have delivered to their door from our online shop”

Despite being in the very early days of launching Aritha, Coleman admits that establishing a new detergent into a crowded market will be no easy task.

“We recognise that we compete with some very stubborn realities. The major detergent brands have huge marketing budgets and rely on significant consumer loyalties. However, our research suggests that people are concerned about the chemicals which can transfer through clothes onto skin and when they realise that skin absorbs those chemicals there appears to be an appetite to change and try the environmental alternative. So first we are desperately trying to get our message out there, to ask people to give us a try. Clothes are softer, smell only of the subtle orange blossom essential oil and waste waters carry nothing but the residue of what is actually just a fruit, so the planet is better off. Our price is broadly comparable with normal washing liquids.”

When set against other eco-product competitors Aritha further distinguishes itself using the legend ‘Kind to you and yours’ but they are keen to point out that just because the liquid is made from natural products it is incredibly effective on grease and stubborn stains. They ask consumers to take time to read the labels of ‘eco products’ and check the amount of chemicals still being used. As Audrey Coleman says “Just because a detergent, soap or floor cleaner is branded to appear eco friendly or has a ‘green’ sounding name doesn’t necessarily mean they are quite the real deal. We make fun on our site about not being a ‘proper brand’ because we don’t want to be associated with them or thought of in the same way. In some senses our true competition is the fact that people haven’t heard of us yet because in terms of direct competition for a 100% natural washing detergent we are the only one, there are no competitors. Many of the other ‘eco’ brands are still full of man-made ingredients and we are hoping that the rising wave of environmental consciousness will finally reach the world of laundry and when it does buyers will find us ready and waiting with a big smile, great products and some very happy and more prosperous farmers and villages at the foot of the Himalayas.”

To find out more about Aritha products and to shop online go to

Audrey Coleman
PO Box 9276
Weymouth, DT4 4GZ


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