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GDPR and recent development at

Dear PR professionals,

Since GDPR is implemented and hosts and website owners are still trying to understand how to treat the old data collected before GDPR applicability. Since wordpress provide options from back end to delete user data, but sometimes user data is not stored in way wordrpress manages it, we as website developer modify how data is stored in order to avoid potential data leaks or hacks.

since the GDPR is in effect and as industry practice we have set up a GDPR compliance page and cookie store info page, which you can review from our home page here as a notice bar and here

Still we feel our newsletter subscriber database needs to be refreshed and updated with more option, but due to our limited manpower resources we have decided to do away with email subscription. So now onward you see some pages which ask you to subscribe, but in fact there is no need to subscribe and you can use all our priority services without any subscription.

Also our existing subscriber details are also being deleted from our end so other action is required from existing subscriber also. If you still receive mails or newsletter just hit unsubscribe as those may be from old newsletter setting and should stop within due course.

Again we thank you for your continuous support and trust as we are entering into our third year.


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