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Shanghai Metal Corporation Introduces Several Cutting-Edge Building Materials

02, October 2017: For quick, affordable, durable and functionally beneficial constructions, Shanghai Metal Corporation has a variety of building materials in their portfolio, including wall systems, floor systems, steel structures, scaffolding systems, roofing systems and so on. These systems are quick and easy to install to help erect different structures for a variety of practical uses.

The SMC construction portfolio consists of a variety of products, systems and structures that have been designed futuristically. These systems help save both the time and money and are an exceptional way to build durable structures, such as project office, exhibition space, industrial and manufacturing shades, workshops, storage units and warehouses, bridges and so on. According to the spokesperson of the company, these modular structures are the best way to erect custom buildings for different industrial, residential, warehousing, educational and other purposes.


The SMC building modules bring a smart and practical solution that is aesthetically appealing as well as affordable. The spokesperson reveals that this is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional buildings, which require time, money, extensive labor and a variety of materials to build. On the other hand, the SMC buildings are quick to install on different terrains. These buildings require very low maintenance and one can expect the same comfort, style and safety as traditional buildings. The building can be erected in any location and it can also blend beautifully with the surrounding environment.

According to the spokesperson, their SMC building material range brings different systems and also products, like PVC foam sheets, ceramic fiber boards, window & door fittings, polycarbonate hollow sheets, stainless steel security screens, WPC boards etc. They have wall systems made of different materials, including fiberglass, plywood, glass wool etc and which are durable and maintenance free. The floor systems include magnesium plate flooring, industrial fiberglass flooring, WPC decks, artificial grass and others. To know more about the different building materials they supply, one can visit their website

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Company: Shanghai Metal Corporation
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