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Animiz Launches the Unique Animated Video Maker for the Business Marketing Purpose

  • 08, September 2017: With the improvement in the digital way of online marketing, the business organizations are giving importance to the animated effects. The animation helps in engaging the audiences to one’s products and services. The animated video mayker by Animiz allows its users to use it for personal as well as business purpose. The marketers can develop some interesting campaigns with the help of interactive animated video effects. The eye-catching videos will put a direct and long-lasting effect on the viewers. This will help them to remember every minute detail about the company’s products. According to Jerry Fong, the designer of Animiz the video maker with versatile features is surely going to promote things in an engaging way.

Key Features of the Animiz Video Maker

The animated video maker by Animiz is one of the special creations to revolutionize the art of video presentations. It has more than 200 practical symbols, formula editor, exceptional label effects and built-in charts to present the complex things in an easier way. Here are some of the key features of this video maker:

• Stunning Animated Effects: The Animiz video maker offers more than 300 lively animated effects. This will help in presenting the information about products and services in a great way. Even one can go ahead with transition effect to help in moving the videos in a smooth manner.

• Interactive Videos for Presentations: The marketers can use this video maker for creating interactive videos with great camera effects. They can create amazing presentations with the help of the special shadow and WordArt effects.

• Unique Voice-over Effects: The Animated voice-over effect helps in engaging the audiences while conveying about one’s products. The recording for the captions and product descriptions will play automatically.

• Intriguing and Engaging Customization: The Animiz video makes provides convenience to the audiences for creating amazing customized effects. The marketers can use special label effects, using the existing designer character, animated objects, and the formula editors.

The business marketing will become easier and fascinating with the addition of a video maker by Animiz. It supports and provides the required tools to the marketers.

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Animiz is a leading software company that provides animated video maker for the individual and business purpose in order to promote products and services. For more details, please visit

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