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San Antonio Car Key Pro’s Announces Infant in Hot Vehicle Awareness Campaign

15, June 2017: San Antonio Car Key Pro’s has formally announced their awareness campaign to help prevent infant deaths who have been forgotten about in vehicles by offering a free arm band to all customers who hire their automotive locksmith services.

Due to the continuous increase in casualties of infants who fall victim to heat deaths because of being forgotten about in vehicles San Antonio Car Key Pro’s has announced their Infant Hot Vehicle Death Prevention campaign.

Mr. Uberoi the manager of San Antonio Car Key Pro’s made a statement to press yesterday by saying that all infants who are left in vehicles are preventable. “It is a tragedy that deaths to infants happen. We just got tired of seeing these cases in the news. Because of this we have created our Infant Hot Vehicle Death Campaign in order to prevent future instances from occurring”.

In the United States there are an estimated 236 cases of infant deaths as a result from being forgotten about in vehicles. Most deaths are caused by careless fathers or caretakers. “We cannot let this happen again. We are now handing out our big rubber wrist bands for free to all customers who hire our automotive locksmith services in order to remind them of the importance of remembering their children”. Mr. Uberoi stated.

San Antonio Car Key Pro’s is a pioneer in delivering high-quality, exceptional and long lasting automotive locksmith services to the San Antonio area. “In our continuous effort to promote a safe and secure environment, we have identified the death of infants through accidents as a major factor that needs to be curb before it runs out of mind. We seize this opportunity to welcome everyone to join us in this campaign”. Mr. Uberoi concluded.

San Antonio Car Key Pro’s is one of the larger automotive locksmith companies in the area. With a staff of certified locksmiths and many years in business they are proving to be a cut rate locksmith service. For more information interested parties can visit their website at

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Company: San Antonio Car Key Pro’s
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