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Upcoming Changes to Press Release Submissions

Dear PR submitter and media marketer, its approaching second year since our launch and we are getting good response from all of you, but its attracting spammers and automated press release bots to our portal. We are committed to make it a trustworthy and reliable source for press release submission and distribution. But sometimes in order to avoid all the spam some real post are getting deleted and we are sorry for that. We are now working on to implement some changes to prevent and stop fake submission. these changes may affect real users but it will help us to improve the press release approval and publication time. we are also working on a paid submission module which would allow fast reviews of content submitted and feedback from our team to improve the content.

We are also going to start a news portal and soon will be hiring for news and reviews updater for our website, if you are willing to work for us drop in your details at our mail id and we will reach to you.

Again we would like to thanks to all of you for recognizing our service and visiting us for your all media publishing needs, we always love to listen from you, you can also reach us on our official twitter or Facebook page and we will be glad to answer you.

Have a happy Day


ThePressRelease,org media team.

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