Director of freedom 251 mobile arrested.


Mohith Goel, Director of freedom 251 mobile making company ringing bells, was detained by Ghaziabad police, As reported by Hindustan Times.

He is arrested in case related to fraud for giving out dealership of freedom 251 mobile phone. he was arrested on complaint of ghaziabad based Ayam Enterprises whcih claimed Goel duped them for 16 lac rupee.

owner of freedom 251

According to the owner of dealership, they had paid amount of INR 30 lac to ringing bells through RTGS on multiple occasions, but ringing bells only delivered the products worth rupees 13 Lac only.

When the owners of Ayam Enterprises started a follow up with ringing bells, they were able to get product plus of additional 1 lac, totaling to 15 lacs.

Its also reported by by complainant that they were threatened with life if they ask for reaming amount.

A probe in this matter is under way ,and for the same interrogation Mohit Goel is detained by the police..

Ringing bells has set the world talking when it announced it plan to launch a mobile costing only 251 rupee, but soon it turns out to be a far reaching plan and possible scam,

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