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Freedom 251 mobile News Update

Freedom 251 mobile News updates in 2017.

Freedom 251 mobile was dubbed as world cheapest mobile phone, and had got a lot of media coverage even in international media too.

freedom 251 mobile news

Reputed site like theverge ,huffington post and tech portal digit ran detailed analysis about freedom 251 mobile phone. but after the intital populariy and grand launch event public started to lose faith in freedom 251 and company associated with it. As on today we were not able to access the official website of freedom 251 mobile, though some other website running in same name as freedom 251, but that seems to be focused on collecting user email for the list building(we advice not to submit any bank info to that site).

recently a news publish on vcc circle confirms that ringing bells director and promoter Mohit Goel has resigned from his post, and now he holds no responsibility for any activities related to company.

“Now Mr Anmol Goel, who is also one of the founder directors, is looking after the affairs of the company and will take it forward to achieve the goals it has set for itself,” a company spokesperson said in a press statement.

Also there was news about appx 30000 freedom 251 delivered to customer, but we could not find any single person who actually has got the phone.

Stay updated with us for Freedom 251 mobile News, we will be updating this article as soon as we get any new info about it.


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