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Weight loss Surgery Delhi offers new to chance to relive their life for obese patients in order to lose weight for long-term and improve the serious health conditions that come with obesity, many of the patients who have experience the surgery have said that after weight loss surgery they are freely living their life without the medications for diabetes and high blood pressure, they are no longer need of medicines on which they were depend. Now they can have a good sleep. These are the big successes for the DIOMS who help these patients to extend their lives and also improve their quality of life.

Many of the patients get nervous after surgery to place themselves in front of others as the bad structure; they didn’t have the confidence to be the center of attention due to their weight. So, it is very important for the patient to be prepare for the surgery, we at DIOMS make our patient sure that they are physically and emotionally ready for the surgery and the accompanying life style changes after the surgery. Our team makes discussion with the patient and makes him/her understand what actually he/she is going through and make them ready for the surgery physically as well as emotionally. Each patient experiences the improvements as they’ve seen in their life since having weight loss surgery. Patient who goes for the Obesity Treatment Delhi have lost 100-120 pounds.

Weight loss surgery modifies the digestive zone to help obese patients in losing weight. It is considered as the most effective mode of controlling weight and recovers morbid problems from obese patients. The National Institutes of Health states that as compared to other interferences, bariatric surgery, which includes procedures of Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy as the longest period of continual weight loss.

The gastric sleeve, lap-band and Bariatric bypass surgeries are the majorly performed Bariatric surgeries. An expert surgeon will only regulate the type of surgery is to be done in a particular case, as there are different patients with differences cases. After Bariatric surgery, patient’s way of life will be totally changed to as compared too past, so to make it easier to live normal life Doctors mentally prepares the patients, the main motive of these surgery is to limit food intake of person in order to lose weight.

Delhi Institute of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery helps patients in attain long-term weight loss achievement with the most innovative bariatric surgery procedures, which is including gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, Lap Banding and Realize Band procedures. DIOMS is a top expert center which offers wide-ranging solutions for obesity and related diseases.We are the team of trained healthcare professionals who provide excellence in standards of bariatric and metabolic surgery. It was founded by best bariatric surgeon, Dr Anirudh Vij, whose apparition is to make available a new life to morbidly obese patients and overweight people.


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