BOC Sciences Issued Custom Bioconjugation Services

BOC Sciences, a professional chemical products and services provider in Long Island City/NY/USA announced its official launch of custom bioconjugation services to meet more needs in the field.

BOC Sciences has extensive experiences in providing agricultural and pharmaceutical chemicals in the past decade. And right in recent years, the company began to discovery their potential in biotechnology and chemistry services that play an essential part in the industry of drug discovery and development, as well as many other life science fields. In 2015, BOC Sciences set to expand its biotechnology business with full determination, and bioconjugation is among the initial development plan.

With bioconjugation, diverse chemical characters of various compounds can be presented in one molecule, and the molecules have a great application in a lot of sides in life science researches and material like tracking reaction process at a celluar level and acting like a transmitter to send drugs. Another shinning point of this technology is that it can lead to deductive applications of synthetic compounds.

With the increasing need for drugs better targeting diseases while bring less unpleasant side effects, as well as materials that can be environmental friendly while achieving numerous applications, good performance of bioconjugation technology will matter.

Of note, BOC Sciences has a solid background of synthesis chemistry , the conduction of bioconjugation tasks will benefit greatly from its related expertise and experience.

Common bioconjugation reactions are all available at BOC Sciences, partly including:

Reactions of lysine residues;
Reactions of cysteine residues;
Reactions of cysteine residues;
Reactions of N- and C- termini;
Bioorthogonal reactions;

Besides, tailored reactions for specific needs can be met at BOC Sciences with ideal result, which is always the aim of the company and their staff scientists.

About BOC Sciences

Located in Long Island City, New York, USA, BOC Sciences has been providing chemicals and biotechnology services for a great number of companies and research groups. With the preparation made in the last several years, BOC Sciences is determined to provide chemicals and related services with the best quality.

BOC Sciences
Address: Long Island City, New York, USA
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