Mobile Industries, Offers Range of Battery Operated Pallet Trucks and Stackers

A leading industrial material handling equipment provider recently announced that the company now offers a new, more efficient way for factory and warehouse workers to move pallet-loads of material. Mobile Industries, Ltd states that their new electric pallet trucks and stackers will help reduce the time and physical strain on warehouse and factory workers. These new pallet trucks are battery operated with an impressively long battery life.

Over the years, statistic reports have shown that Warehousing operations that offer electric pallet trucks to their workers have a lower pallet-related injury rate than those that do not. Using electric pallet trucks reduces the amount of strain that occurs when moving a pallet across a large warehouse space – especially on the back and shoulders. This is because electric pallet trucks are self-propelled. Therefore, the user just needs to press a button and walk behind the truck or stand on a ride-on platform while holding onto the handle.

Electric pallet jacks – also called “walkie pallet trucks” are similar to the rider-style pallet jacks in that they both use electricity to power the machine and help reduce the risk of workplace injuries. Unlike the rider-style pallet trucks, however, walkie jacks do not transport the user and the material at the same time. Additionally, electric jacks are more affordable for a company and have a low maximum speed of around 3-miles-per-hour to allow users to accompany the jack at a comfortable walking speed.

Mobile Industries, Ltd. offers a broad selection of material handling transport, lift, and warehouse equipment to the Material Handling industry including hydraulic pallet stackers, manual hand pallet jacks, eco self-propelled pallet trucks, rolling ladders and scissor lifts. For over 50 years, the company has been the leading provider of material handling equipment products across the North American and European markets.

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