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Flipkart app for windows 10 Launched

Flipkart app for windows 10 Launched

The world loves Microsoft Windows and there is a huge population of internet users in India who find comfort in using the Windows OS. Flipkart understands this and our team worked hard over the last few months to create an incredible shopping experience native to Windows devices. Having spent days deliberating on how a stellar native-app-like experience can be delivered to those who want richer app-like experience on Windows desktops, Flipkart has worked closely with the Microsoft team to develop the Flipkart app for a universal Windows platform. It gives you the benefits of a native app on the desktop. Here’s what you can expect to see on the Flipkart Windows 10 app.

Flipkart Windows 10 App

Redefining the shopping experience for Windows 10 users, the Flipkart app brings a number of features, previously restricted only to the mobile app, to desktop. Features such as image search, where a user can upload a picture of a product to find similar products, will now be available to desktop users. The Flipkart Windows 10 app will also enable users to access better offers, which are presently restricted to the Flipkart mobile app. More shopping, less hassle.

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