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IBM Press Release 2016

IBM Press Release

DETROIT – 16 Jan 2016: The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) today announced a technology partnership with premier NAIAS sponsor IBM (NYSE: IBM), resulting in two industry firsts: the first auto show to launch an interactive show floor wayfinding app; and the first auto show with a Digital Asset Management portal for media.
The new NAIAS Wayfinding app was developed by IBM Interactive Experience, the world’s largest digital agency, and utilizes beacon technology embedded throughout the show floor to help visitors navigate and connect with exhibiting automakers and suppliers. As attendees make their way around the entire show floor, the wayfinding app will send a push notification inviting them to enter their email for a chance to win 2016 NAIAS apparel.
In addition to providing for easy access around the show floor, the wayfinding app will provide Twitter updates from exhibiting automakers, suppliers and sponsors, as well as from the @NAIASDetroit handle. Company overviews will also be available.
“IBM is world renowned as an innovator, and NAIAS is pleased to partner with them in bringing an advanced digital platform for show visitors to easily connect with automakers and suppliers,” said Paul Sabatini, 2016 NAIAS Chairman. “With over 70 percent of the show floor having undergone a significant transformation, the Wayfinding app helps bring the new exhibits and revamped layout to life.”
The NAIAS Digital Asset Management portal is a one-stop resource for media – housing content from OEMs, suppliers and sponsor partners. NAIAS credentialed media are able to access content ranging from press releases to graphics to video all in one portal, alleviating the need for journalists to have to search for this content on several websites and saving them time.
“This years connected car innovations beg for an NAIAS mobile experience that connects attendees to the innovators that are shaping the future of mobility,” Jeff Hood, IBM Interactive Experience, Automotive Industry Lead. “The NAIAS Wayfinding app was designed to enhance attendees ability to navigate their way through over 750 vehicles and countless interactive displays at North America’s largest and most prestigious automotive showcase.”
In addition to all the content in the portal, there will be a real-time social media and news aggregator, powered by Critical Mention. Users will be able to track global trends and create unique reports to assist in their reporting and monitoring.
NAIAS credentialed media can gain access to this portal on the NAIAS website under the main “Press” tab.
For more information about IBM Interactive Experience, visit and follow @IBMInteractive on Twitter.

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