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Kids Magazine for iPad and Android Tablets.

Kids Magazine for iPad and Android Tablets. Press Release


Moose and Zebra Kids Magazine exclusively designed for kids aged 3+ provides an interesting way to learn about the different parts of the world. Made as an interactive magazine, the application provides children immense knowledge and keep them entertained while doing so. It develops their reading skills and improves their math and logic with several activities embedded inside the magazine. The two hosts of the magazine, Moose and Zebra, with their detailed narration make it easier for users to continuously complete the whole story and activities in one go. The ultimate aim of the interactive magazine is to fascinate children with facts and information using stories, and to develop their analytical and thinking skills using activities.

Moose and Zebra Kids magazine is an entertaining and educational interactive application made exclusively for kids who groan when it comes to reading. The magazine is built with two characters for the narration with three different storylines and 40+ activities. Each storyline is about a different country and provides exclusive facts and information about the history and geography of that region. At the end of each story, users can find an activity that helps them to understand better. Children can either complete the whole story or be selective about the chapters. The plethora of fun games that are found at the end of each story provides extra knowledge and fun.
Africa is the first issue of the magazine and is the home to one of the hosts, the Zebra. Various activities such as identifying countries, shapes, and counting is given priority in this issue. It addresses the wide variety of fauna found in the diverse continent and users can have fun learning them.
Sweden, being the second issue, is the home of the host, the Moose. The history of the country is addressed heavily in this story and activities are aimed at developing analytical skills of children. At the end of the story, a stamp is issued to users whenever an activity is completed.
After exploring about countries, users are taken to the Mesozoic era, where they can understand the anatomy, habitat, and facts about the Dinosaurs. Similar to the other two issues, activities are placed to endorse critical thinking through puzzles and math games. A mini game is added exclusively after the activities for added entertainment. Narrations and hints are added at all the places for better understanding of the application.

Moose & Zebra Kids Magazine developed by Adelane Innovative Solutions is available both for iOS and Android devices. The application is developed without advertisements to keep children from clicking on the wrong link. It is free to download and has in app purchases, if users find it interesting and wish to try out other stories. The interactive elements, the variety of activities, and lots of facts make this application a fun learning experience suitable for children of all ages.

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