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Reason for press release rejection

Reason for press release rejection

Many reader ask us via mails that why my press release was rejected and what is reason for press release rejection. So here is long descriptive post for the reason of press release rejection. we will list reason for rejection of any press release rejection at our site, and most of the reasons will apply to other press release sites as well. but before starting let us understand how press release sites operate and what they actually do.

we can classify press release site into two categories mainly

1- Free press release submission site

2- Paid Press release submission site

these can further be classified into following, we can explain it through this chart

press release


Paid Press release provider always work with you to write a good press release, and if you can afford go with them.


free press release are divided into categories one is auto approve and one is review based( is review based).

auto approve site are not good for any seo purpose as search engine simply ignore these sites, so better to stay off these sites.

Review based sites are slow to approve, but once your content is approved you can  get good result in terms of SEO.

on an average i reject appx 20 press release per day as on date.

So now let me list for reason for press release rejetcion.


  1. Poor Formatting: if you press release release is not formatted like a press, it will be rejected straight, we have already listed press release format here, you can use this format on any site
  2. So many keywords: SEO is good, but dont repeat so many focus keywords, as webmaster we know what you are trying to do.
  3. No adding proper Details: If you are not adding proper contact details to your press release i.e conatact/email/website, it will be rejected.
  4. No content: yes, your press release sometime has no content to be considered as a press release, so add some content before throwing it to us.

Hope these point will give our readers clear understanding of press release rejection. so now you can start submitting your press release





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