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What is press release

What is press release

A press Release is an official statement from the parent company or organization, which inform concerned user about particular event.

In old days press release were used to submitted to news paper journalists, but now with expansion of internet. one can submit press release on online portals as well. The main disadvantage with news paper press release was it was not that easy to get your press release printed unless you are are a big company.

so here come the idea of online press release. online press release helps you get in direct touch with clients and it will reach the wider audiance and also increase your brand awareness as well.

press release

There are number of site which accepts press release, both in free or paid. Paid sites are much better as they focus on quality, free sites can also boost your brand but avoid auto approve press relase site, as these dont carry any value and mostly garbage is posted there.

At the moment is open for free submission with compulsory review of your submission, so you can call us a free press release submission site at the moment.

Benefits of submitting to press release sites

  1. Gives your brand a boost
  2. Create product awareness
  3. Gives you one way direct backlink
  4. Better search ranking

Press release sites generally submits your content to search engine and online directories, they will also share the same content on their social networks so you will get social signals as well.

Hope you now have an idea about what is press relase, go ahead and submit your first press release here

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