Atomic bombings of Hiroshima 6 Aug 1945


6 Aug 1945 was the day which changed the way forward for how wars will be fought and started the never ending competition for nuclear weapons around the world, the bombing of hiroshima wiped around 90% of the city and killed closed to 90000 people,

Who were the on field participents in Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

table below taken from a wikipdia entry enlist names and task of on field team assigned to complete the job.

AircraftPilotCall SignMission role
Straight FlushMajor Claude R. EatherlyDimples 85Weather reconnaissance (Hiroshima)
Jabit IIIMajor John A. WilsonDimples 71Weather reconnaissance (Kokura)
Full HouseMajor Ralph R. TaylorDimples 83Weather reconnaissance (Nagasaki)
Enola GayColonel Paul W. TibbetsDimples 82Weapon delivery
The Great ArtisteMajor Charles W. SweeneyDimples 89Blast measurement instrumentation
Necessary EvilCaptain. George W. MarquardtDimples 91Strike observation and photography
Top SecretCaptain Charles F. McKnightDimples 72Strike spare—did not complete mission

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